Google green.

Google accommodates around 200 million queries a day and processes over 100 billion searches every day. Uses over 30 data centre locations around the world which consumes quarter of the output of a nuclear power plant according to New York Times.

Google revealed plans to enter into a long term contracts to buy power from wind and solar plants in the US, Chile and Sweden for 10 to 20 years ahead which will help in achieving its goal of powering 100 per cent of its operations with clean energy.

Similar decisions have been taken by Facebook, Amazon and General Motors. Now Google is joining a team of pioneers that support large-scale clean power purchases.

New contracts will cover 2,800 megawatts this year, according to data Google released.

Michael Terrell, a head of global energy and infrastructure commented, “As prices for renewables have come down, it’s really started to make a lot of business sense”.

Google unveiled this plan on the fourth day of the UN conference in Paris on the 3rd of December 2015.